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We are a group of friends coming from different background : advertising, graphic design, food etc. Only one thing that brought us together is bicycle. We are road/fixed bicycle lovers who live in Bangkok, Thailand. We love beautiful handmade and vintage road and track bike.Start off as riders that love to customize their bike. To us Bicycle is not just a bike, it is one kind of art.

Each bike have its own history and reflecting its era. Also shown the work of art that each frame builder put his/her effort in. To us every bike is beautiful.

I also love cooking. To me cooking is another form of art that each chef has to put all the effort to make one. Same as bicycle, cooking can reflect chef's personality and emotion.

One last thing, my aim is try to promote fixed gear in Thailand and bring in the only top quality bicycle at the lowest price possible for all Thai rider.

I believe in one word "HAPPY". As long as you happy, whatever you do, you will do it with all the effort that you have.

Trust me : Money comes and goes, friendship last forever.

Donge Pista Pasta Bangkok

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vintage Gitane Track Standard Frame fixed Fork Frameset

Vintage Gitane Track Standard Frame fixed Fork Frameset

54 x 54

All Gitane frames are made by hand and designed for professional riders to thier exact specifications by M.I.C.M.O., France's largest manufacturer of quality bicycles. Frame constructed of light steel with BCM lugs, Fork is round Durifort. Frame and Fork painted Candy Apple Red, hand trimmed with Gold paint on all lugs, Beautiful condition for it's age.(Please see all photos) Steel handlebar. Alluminum dural Pivo Stem. Steel seat post. All bearings in Head and Crank spin freely. This bike is not drilled for brake in fork or seatstay bridge. Complete bike as shown weighs appx. 10lbs.

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